About Us

Founded on May 2, 1978, DHACSS Phase IV Campus embarked on its unceasing expedition of prevailing excellence as an English Medium Primary School, augmented to high school later in year 1983; in furtherance of students’ best interests. With a vast area of 14000 Sq. yds., it is now an institution shaping the character of over 2200 students, with its exemplary vision of educating all students to the highest level of academic achievement; and molding them into responsible and competent members of society by setting forth the core values of honesty, integrity, empathy & courtesy in the quest to attain perpetual eminence in fostering upright human beings.

The conspicuous herald is our successful alumnae, serving in various fields, thus having their hands in edification of society. The school’s remarkable success is the impressive history of achievements spanning the last four decades, which led to its recognition as the top school in Karachi in 2015, owing to its exceptional board results. The institution also has the honour of holding the coveted trophy of being the Best DHACSS Institution in the year 2020, which is indeed a major triumph leading to the institution’s tremendous success.

Faculty & Administration

We have a dedicated and qualified faculty and administration. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and are committed to helping students achieve their best. With their guidance and support, our students consistently achieve positions in BSEK, and are recognized for their exceptional mannerisms, setting a positive example for others to follow.